Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My FaMilIi

my cayang:mama n abah

my siblings n comel(my previous cat)huhu;<

okay..this is the begining of my blog,i guess..huhu

i want to introduce all the members of my beloved famili..
In my famili, there are 9 members..mama,abah and 7 of siblings..(5girls n 2boys)
along ..angah.. ateh..ayu..abe..amin..n adik..
actually these photos are captured on HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI 07...really luv these photos cz all of us wear same colour!!!..
hmm...let me start it..
first,is my along;now,she had already at her final year at kuitho;>
and her twins...angah,now she is having her practical at one of secondary school at taiping perak..(that's a lot of work; i guess cz teaching is really challenging...fuuhhh!! tough sis(^_^); hmm,what i gonna say about me..i'm still studying at uitm seri iskandar,perak..(wanna know more, visit my blog k)
ayu; what kind of my sister she is??let me think...hmmm,,creative myb n helpful
then here are the boy part....abe,,we use to kol abe cz he is the first boy in my famili..soo luv to play games..n play football
my another bro..which is amin!!!yeah..he is the most different in my famili cz he jz look like a chinese boy,,,huhuu...
finally,,my youngest sis;mak su!!!huhu...luv to shoppin,also have the same favourite colour with me(pink)

hmm...that's all about my famili first k..myb next time there are a lot of my famili story again..huhu..
juz wait n see ya!!!



  1. Hello, Zati. I'm in Canada, and I found your blog accidentally. I just want to tell you how beautiful your family photos are. I can't understand your later posts, but I am so happy to be able to see a little bit of life on the other side of the world. Best to you. Leslie

  2. oh,,really??
    okay then..thanks anyway..
    i'm in a my beloved famili..